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Current theses

The following theses are currently available at the professorship. If you are interested, please contact us.

Topic Sustainability Economics and Sustainable Finance

  • Empirical studies on sustainability reporting by companies
  • Importance of sustainability in the German banking sector
  • Sustainability in the health care industry

Topic Economics of Public Enterprises

  • Public enterprises vs. privatization. Do private companies increase efficiency?
  • Do public enterprises still have a right to exist? Services of general interest vs. market solution.
  • Public enterprises in Germany and their institutional structure.

Topic Innovation Economics

  • Current theories and developments in innovation economics
  • Innovation behavior in small and medium-sized enterprises

Topic Area Economics in General

  • Alternative Monetary Policy - Comparative Analysis to Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)
  • Regulation of Energy Markets - the Application of Benchmarking Approaches by the Federal Network Agency
  • Public infrastructure in international comparison
  • The concept of services of general interest - an economic classification

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