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iHACK RLP - University Start-up Hackathon on Infrastructure

The project iHack RLP University Start-up Hackathon on Infrastructure is funded by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Traffic, Regional Planning and Viniculture (MWVLW) from ERDF funds and offers a series of events to raise awareness among interested students who are willing to start a business. The aim of the start-up hackathon is to develop approaches to solving real-world problems (challenges) in cross-functional teams with creative and innovative products or processes within a short time frame of two to three days. The student teams act as a kind of corporate or in-house start-up of the companies, which receive impulses and innovative business ideas for future operational problems. For the series of events, the focus lies primarily on the area of energy, the environment and mobility and, as an all-encompassing bracket, the digital and information technology infrastructure, which builds upon the innovation strategy of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Professors and representatives of the start-up offices of the participating universities as well as members of the companies or cooperating associations act as mentors of the particpating students. The proposed solutions are presented in the form of pitches and awarded by a jury. In addition, the ideas developed should be further developed with the support of the local university start-up offices and interested companies and may thus lead to start-ups.

Further information can be found at www.ihack-rlp.de.


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