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Curriculum Vitae - Prof. Dr. Marcus Sidki

The detailed curriculum vitae can be downloaded here.


Professor of Economics and Statistics
born 1979 in Heidelberg


Since10/2023      Honorary Professor, RPTU Technical University of Kaiserlautern-Landau

Since 04/2022      Visiting Professor, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy

2020-2021               Freedom Fellowship at the Liberal Institute
                                                  of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Since 2015                   Professor of Economics and Statistics HWG Ludwigshafen

        Since 2015 Head of the Research Center for Public and Nonprofit xml-ph-0                                                 

     2016-2023 Scientific Director Center for Research and Cooperation      

     2017-2023 Presidential Representative for Research at the HWG Ludwgshafen      

Since 2015                   Managing Partner IMCOG GmbH / INAB Institute for Sustainable Banking

2012-2015                 Associate Director, UniCredit Bank AG

2010-2011                Senior Lecturer, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

2007-2009                Analyst, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein

2006-2007                Asset-Liability Manager, Deutsche Bank AG

  2009-2012                 Doctorate at the University of Administrative Sciences Speyer

  2000-2006                 Studied economics at the University of Heidelberg,

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